What is Burlesque Empowerment?

The original concept of the burlesque class was designed to help breakdown and teach “sexy” dance movements. After the 1st class at the launch session of Burlesque we quickly realized that many of these women were able to do the movements, but they were letting their insecurities hold them back. That's when we quickly made a shift in the focus of burlesque. This is not a typical dance class, this is a women EMPOWERMENT class!  


We have had ladies with all different backgrounds ( 18-60+ yrs old, young & single, moms with small children, moms with adult children, married 25+ years, recently divorced, such a variety). The most amazing part is everyone finishes the 6 weeks with a new perspective of themselves, their confidence levels, and their overall self worth. The transformation is SO inspiring!

Class is one night per week for 6 weeks. Discover your sexy side and learn dance moves that combine flirty, confident, and sassy movements to music that moves you. Class is limited to 12 participants for a comfortable learning atmosphere and more individual attention.


Women Empowerment 

Burlesque Empowered (beginner class)

In the "Empowered" class we keep the choreography on the simple side.  We focus on a sexy attitude and you will learn how much of "sexy" is portrayed through your mindset. We typically learn 2 routines. One group routine and one chair routine to take home to your significant other. 

Completion of the course is followed by a graduation night. You will combine your new found confidence with a great outfit, hair and make up, and dance our routines in a party atmosphere (usually accompanied by wine). After an hour or two we usually go to dinner or hit a night club for a girls night out!



Burlesque Unleashed (advanced class)

After you have completed the Empowered class you are ready to turn up the heat on your burlesque skills. The Unleashed class has more choreography and more challenging sexy moves, that will have you feeling like a professional burlesque dancer!