Raindrops on Window


Class Registration

Price: $65 for 6 classes

Welcome to BURLESQUE WET addition.  Yes, we will be getting WET.  This session is for experienced burlesque participants only.  Not because the choreography will be hard, but because we are adding the water element, we don't want extra time to spend in the confidence building stage.  You need to come into this class knowing exactly who your alter ego is and what she's all about.  Unlike other sessions, this session will be TWICE A WEEK for 3 WEEKS instead of the usual 6 weeks.

We will have an indoor pool approx 20x30ft with 1in of water to dance, roll, splash, and have fun in.  We should also have a waterfall of rain droplets from above (cross your fingers) if the production process goes as planned.  Water can be such a great tool to enhance your sexuality and the delivery of the burlesque experience... the question is, do you wanna get WET?               


Tues AND Thurs

Sept 25th  - Oct 11th


Graduation Party- Saturday Oct 13th

**No refunds. Class credit only. No cancelations after start day

WET by Nicole Scherzinger